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Linkin Park (Feat . Jay-Z) (Live 8) 2005 (Full Show) HD

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Категория ролика: Концерты

Рубрика: Linkin Park

02.07.2005 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Museum Of Art

© 2005 Linkin Park / WMG

00:00 . Crawling
03:22 . Somewhere I Belong
07:01 . Breaking The Habit
11:58 . In The End
15:12 . Public Service Announcement w/ Jay-Z
16:23 . Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying From You w/ Jay-Z
20:28 . Big Pimpin'/Papercut w/ Jay-Z
23:00 . Jigga What/Faint w/ Jay-Z
26:36 . Numb/Encore w/ Jay-Z

Show Notes:
'Crawling' featured a very short version of the Reanimated intro to start the song.
The band learned a song that was new to them, 'Public Service Announcement', for the show so that they could give Jay-Z the proper introduction that he needed.
Jay-Z joined Linkin Park to perform the last 5 tracks.
Jay-Z accidentally messed up 'Big Pimpin/Papercut', going into a verse right when LP has finished their part, when instead, he was supposed to be going into the chorus. The touchup was fixed on the LPUnderground 5.0 CD.

Other Notes:
The event was broadcasted live on TV worldwide. However, no audience recordings from the show is known.
'In The End' and 'Numb/Encore' from this show were released on the official 'Live 8' DVD.
'Somewhere I Belong', 'Breaking The Habit', 'Public Service Announcement', 'Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying From You', 'Big Pimpin'/Papercut' and 'Jigga What/Faint' from this show were released on the 'LP Underground 5.0' CD. Jay-Z's lyrical mistake on 'Big Pimpin'/Papercut' was fixed up, as mentioned before. Chester's voice was edited with effects on "Trying to bend the truth, lying my way from you" before the 1st and 3rd chorus of 'Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying From You'. It's badly mastered for an official CD and sounds distorted.
It was said that Mike, or even the entire band, was going to collab with The Roots for a song or two, but nothing ever came out of it for some reason.
The band was invited to perform at the event by Bono from U2, who called Mike personally at his house.

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